You simply cannot trust most all companies.  You certainly should not trust any technology company.  The commodity they are all interested in is data, your personal identifiable information, facial features, medical history, credit, where you go, what you do, and EVERYTHING else.

Obviously some companies need your data to do business with you and they have no intention of selling your data, but we have found you should not trust them to store your data.  Many of these these companies are old they have scrambled to stay current in the digital world with extremely inadequate budgets for security.  They have absolutely no competencies in data security. Our law makers are incompetent in this area as well so you cannot rely on them to protect you and your data.

We believe we must all take responsibility for our on personal data and we also believe the only way the disturbing trend of cyber threats and security breaches will reverse is if you legally pursue the companies that have your data and mishandle it.

We need to force a transition in the mind set of technology companies from “gather all their data” to “we don’t want their data because we cannot protect it and there is too much legal responsibility for possessing it.”  We have a lot of work to do.  We see the more people know as to what is going on, the angrier they become.   They are angry because they were maltreated and victimize.  Remember Mark Zuckerberg said “I cannot believe how stupid Facebook users are, they just give us all their information.”  We don’t want to make you angry, we want you to use that ire to fuel action for change and with that change comes a better life.

At The Town Tattle™ we follow and relay the work of information security and privacy professionals like Mathew J. Schwartz, Brian Krebs, Graham Cluley among others.  We sincerely appreciate what they have done and what they will continue to do in the future.